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Creating a “One-Stop-Shop” for Wealth Management Professionals – Refinitiv Data Platform Integration

The concept of reducing friction whilst creating better user experience is now more than ever key for products to be successful. But how to achieve both at the same time? By moving away from the traditional linear business model and shifting towards a platform business model. This model enables organisations to realise the opportunities provided by the platform economy and to reap their benefits.

WealthArc adopted this concept by leveraging our unique capabilities of seamlessly integrating with third-party providers, automating the consolidation of various data sources, whilst harnessing the power of artificial intelligence.

Today, EAMs look for more than just a Portfolio Management System. With the modular Digital Wealth Management Platform of WealthArc, EAMs have a “one-stop-shop” where they can manage their customers in a holistic, time-saving and engaging way.

The latest example of such a “one-stop-shop” for Wealth Management professionals is our integration with the Refinitiv Data Platform.

How it Works

  • We use background authentication, so you do not need to provide your login credentials each time you want to check something on the Refinitiv Data Platform.
  • Both applications use deep linking to pass on the context, so the ISIN you were checking in WealthArc can be instantly checked in the Refinitiv Data Platform too.
  • You need just a single click to display relevant content, there is no need to copy and paste an ISIN or navigate through additional layers.
  • You get immediate access to the financial data, news and content from the Refinitiv Data Platform.

Use Cases

I: Portfolio Analysis supported by Real-Time Data

With the growing complexity of financial markets, making a good Wealth Management decision is no longer enough. Very often, you need to explain to your customers the rationality behind it. Here, data can be very helpful as showing the key metrics live and bringing them up in discussion can be a game-changer.

You can say that company X is a good investment opportunity, but you can also support your statement with data. You will be more reliable if you say that its PE ratio is lower than the industry average and there is a visible shift in investors’ sentiment based on the price chart.

You have most likely already explained most of these things to your customers but being able to visualise and guide your customers through this process, creates a priceless user experience for you and your Wealth Management customer

II. Reviewing Portfolios and Rebalancing

When working internally on a portfolio structure, it is good to have all the necessary data at hand. With our Refinitiv Data Platform integration, you can open the instrument overview or the price chart for a given instrument from the position view with a single click. Based on additional data available via Refinitiv functionalities, you can review the key metrics or perform a quick technical analysis based on the chart.

Once you gather all the data, it is much easier to make wealth management decisions such as when to sell a position to make profit and what to buy based on higher growth potential.

You can view multiple instruments in a single grouped chart that presents their price and performance. This clearly shows you where your portfolio is performing strong or weak, where you should consider taking profits as the positive trend begins to flatten out or where to cut losses as the price slump is gaining momentum.

From Data Availability to Creating Value

We believe that Wealth Management is no longer a numbers game. It is about creating meaningful relationships with your customers and providing customer-centric solutions. With the Refinitiv Data Platform Integration, we offer EAMs access to actionable insights in seconds, whilst enabling you to manage your customers assets holistically, automated and in a simple way – anytime and anywhere.

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