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Family Offices Software & Solutions

Intuitive technology for holistic wealth management.

Intelligently manage & supervise all financial and non-financial assets. Truly holistic wealth management with one intuitive platform that sets you apart.

Harness a new level of client intelligence with WealthArc’s portfolio management solutions.

Consolidated Portfolio Data

Automate everyday processes and remove manual consolidation from your workload. WealthArc sources, consolidates, and presents portfolio data in an intuitive, user-friendly format. Stop searching for data, start analysing it.

Strategy & Risk Management

Create your strategies and add specific guidelines to meet your client's financial objectives. Get automated alerts in case of guideline breaches, overdrafts, and new AML transactions. In addition, benefit from the integration with Refinitiv for advanced portfolio analytics.

Order Management System

Use our trading module to generate multiple trade proposals in 2-clicks. Single orders, bulk orders and rebalancing, all with ease. Automate pre-trade checks and use our FIX protocol send immediate orders to custodian banks.

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Generate a range of holistic and white-labeled 360°- view documents of portfolio structure and performance, in several languages.

Illiquid Assets

We help you achieve holistic asset consolidation and wealth planning thanks to the combination of liquid and illiquid assets. Monitor and report all your real estate, private equity, art, and similar investments on our platform.

Effortlessly comply with regulation. We work with leading partners in the industry to translate new regulation into technology.

Account Statement

Generate a range of holistic, white-labeled documents that offer a 360° view of portfolio structure and performance, in several languages.

Contributions Reporting

Pin-point your strongest performance contributors through our dedicated performance contribution report.

Complex Legal Structures

Visualize trust structures and families. Define roles and relationships. Customizable reports for any mandate, whether individual or corporate.