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External Asset Managers

Grow your wealth management business and reduce cost at the same time!

Consolidate and manage all your assets with our data-driven wealth management platform.

Improve your client experience, operate efficiently - no more manual data processes.

We care about your data - automated reconciliation is fully included in our offering!

Consolidated Portfolio Data

Automate everday processes and remove manual consolidation from your workload. WealthArc sources, consolidates, and presents portfolio data in an intuitive, user-friendly format. Stop searching for data, start analysing it.

Strategy & Risk Management

Create your strategies and add specific guidelines to meet your client's financial objectives. Get automated alerts in case of guideline breaches, overdrafts, and new AML transactions. In addition, benefit from the integration with Refinitiv for advanced portfolio analytics.

Order Management System

Use our trading module to generate multiple trade proposals in 2-clicks. Single orders, bulk orders and rebalancing, all with ease. Automate pre-trade checks and use our FIX protocol send immediate orders to custodian banks.

Advanced Reporting Capabilites

Generate a range of holistic and white-labeled 360°- view documents of portfolio structure and performance, in several languages.

Unlimited access to all Client Insights you need!

Relationship Management

One place to store all client activities, meetings, trades, calls and more. Stay on top of your client history and find relevant information on the spot. Client life cycle management made easy.

KYC & Document Storage

Digitize your onboarding process. All relevant KYC information relevant for onboarding is made easily accessible. Securely save sensitive documents and save time for compliance and audits.

Fees & Management Information System (MIS)

Release your invoices within your seconds, whether it’s the management, performance, agent, or retrocession fee. Customize the frequency, language, calculation methodology to cater your needs. Monitor and analyze which clients, strategies, regions are most profitable for you.

Effortlessly comply with regulation. Wealtharc is Fidleg / Finig Compliant!


Classify your clients in line with FINMA requirements. Our questionnaire assesses suitability/appropriateness which is then translated into a client risk score. Pre- and post-trade checks down to the instrument, and a key information document on instrument level.

AML Checks

Get automated alerts for new AML transactions and review the justifications through our AML compliance dashboard. In addition, automatically receive and store E-documents from different custodian banks.

Audit reports

Give regulators and auditors digital access to any information they require. Zero effort for you. Save time and money.

We work with the most trusted data centers of Swisscom and Microsoft. Data is not leaving Switzerland!

Data security

Operate peacefully within a first-class security environment. WealthArc works solely with Microsoft’s most trusted data centres. We deliver automatic data backups and disaster recovery under a shared responsibility framework, making our platform the safest option for wealth managers and their clients. Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256); GDPR compliant (ISO ISO27002).

User Roles & Multi-Factor Authentication

Allow and restrict access to any portfolio for any employee. We made user roles and permissions customisable because we know that every company and team is unique. Protect your data with a range of 2-step authentication options (e.g. a mobile app code).

Sensitive data storage

All sensitive client data is managed by you. Separated from financial data, your client-sensitive data is stored in an isolated server, which you have 24/7 access to.