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Frequently asked questions


How much of my time is required for the setup of WealthArc in my company?
None. Or very close to none. All we need from your side are the contact details of the relationship managers within the custodian banks you work with. WealthArc’s team takes care of the whole set-up process with these banks


Do I need extensive IT infrastructure to use your solution?
No. The only things that you need are an Internet connection and a PC or Mac with an Internet browser. Our solution is fully web-based. It means that you can access your


Do you offer a trial period before signing a long-term contract?
Yes! We offer a 30-day pilot to test-drive WealthArc’s capabilities and verify if it delivers real value to your business.
How much does WealthArc cost?
Beyond the setup fee and base monthly fee (which includes 10 portfolios), WealthArc’s pricing depends only on the number of additional portfolios you are managing. Unlimited AuM, unlimited users, unlimited bank connections!


How do you protect your clients’ data?
Our platform and all the portfolio and client data is hosted only in highly secure, top-tier Microsoft data centres. For our Swiss customers, sensitive data is stored in Switzerland (Zurich & Geneva); APAC customers – in Singapore