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Manage wealth data in more efficient way

Leverage the speed and accuracy of automated workflows and data consolidation in daily activities with WealthArc

Wealth Data Management Platform

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Who is WealthArc for?

"I use WealthArc’s Management Information System every day. For me, as a CEO, it is an indispensable source of updated information necessary to make decisions."
Jean-Marc Tornare
CEO - Octogone Gestion S.A.
The availability of all client and portfolio data in one place has made our internal processes more efficient. Due to our growth, we are currently confronted with almost 10 different custodian banks. (...) This enables our investment and portfolio management to work efficiently and implement decisions quickly, easily and with a low error rate.
Stefan Rammelmeyer
CEO, Winvest Asst Management AG
Across all functions, WealthArc saves us around 140,000 CHF a year. Before the invoicing and reporting had been outsourced and took a full three weeks to complete. Now, with WealthArc we do it in-house in only four days.
Silvia Marques
COO at RJ Management
WealthArc provides the highest data quality and is very user-friendly. Thanks to that I no longer waste 30 minutes every day making sure that the clients’ data I have is correct.
Silvio Sestito
CEO, Phoenix Finance SA
“We were impressed by the speed of implementation and high data quality. WealthArc over-delivered their promises.”
Roger Ganz
Clarus Capital Group AG
“The all-rounder solution for managing client’s wealth, tracking performance of RMs, simplicity in producing and monitoring invoices as well as great CRM module in addition to portfolio management.”
Oleg Tsyura
CEO - Linvo AG
“WealthArc is taking advantage of Azure Platform as a Service (PaaS), allowing much faster on-boarding of new customers due to automated & efficient infrastructure management."
Olaf Feldkamp
Microsoft Switzerland
WealthArc helps us being faster and more efficient. I have easy access to overall AuM, portfolios performance and all other metrics I need to analyze daily. I really like that the reporting is very useful and easy, especially generating customizable, one-page reports for all our clients. The Customer Success team is very customer oriented and acts quickly when I need some guidance.
Olcay Bahar Akbay
Spring Investment Services AG
“Our aim was to find a Portfolio Management System provider that will allow us to smoothly automate everyday processes, add value to our clients and guarantee the highest data quality. I’m glad to say that we’ve found all of these qualities in WealthArc.”
Nicolas Droz
Partner - Swisspath capital
“WealthArc is a user-friendly and intuitive solution with all client and portfolio information at your fingertips . It allows us to swiftly compare client investments with model portfolios and instantly rebalance across all custodian banks.”
Massimo Vecchio
Amgest SA
“WealthArc runs its SaaS platform for wealth management on Microsoft Azure, which meets the highest security standards required in the financial industry.
Dr. Marianne Janik
CEO - Microsoft Switzerland

Reasons our clients value us

Simple, transparent pricing

Know what you are paying for. Besides from a base fee, only pay for extra portfolios.

Intuitive interface

The WealthArc platform was built by wealth managers, for wealth managers. Get to work using a simple and intuitive interface.

Highest data quality

WealthArc’s proprietary custodian APIs collect and unify portfolio data accurately and securely. Benefit from daily automatic data consolidation.

Secure data storage

WealthArc works with the most trusted data centres of Swisscom and Microsoft, ensuring all data is stored and transmitted securely.

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We’re proud to represent our clients within some of the leading finance associations.

Technology partners

Through our platform, our clients harness the strength and security of leading technology providers.