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WealthArc and GreenLock join forces

From now on WealthArc, awarded wealth management platform, and GreenLock, innovative computation engine that analyses fees and provide benchmark on costs and investments, work together.

WealthArc and GreenLock have built a unique value proposition for Family Offices and Assets Managers: an integrated platform to automate both portfolio data consolidation and investment fee analysis. This integration will help to reduce both manual work for the Asset Manager and investment fees for HNWIs!

WealthArc is data-driven wealth management platform with more than 100 custodians ’connections. The system allows to consolidate and manage portfolios, assets and clients in one place.  The platform supports everyday job of asset manager with reliable portfolio management, governance, KYC, CRM, OMS, reporting modules and more.  

GreenLock is all-In-one platform to analyse, manage and monitor investment fees and associated costs. Computation engine extracts data from an anonymized transactions' ledger along with the contractual arrangements to derive historical fees and after innovatiove and AI supported process provides an insight into funds flows between the financial intermediaries managing your investments.

WealthArc feeds Greenlock fee analysis engine with high quality portfolio data.

This is huge part of our strategy: to offer open-architecture platform, where other fintechs can leverage our data. – says Radomir Mastalerz, CEO of WealthArc. -  Customers are increasingly selective of where they place their trust and energy. Transparent insights, first-class security, and digital access are what customers are looking for – and what WealthArc provides on very high level – is now even better due to this great opportunity to work with GreenLock.

Danil Knyazev, Co-Founder at GreenLock:

Private banks and financial intermediates were among the first to harness the power of technology to significantly drop their cost of business. Yet, not much if anything was passed on to final investors. Our innovative technology solutions tips of the balance back to the investor's favour.

WealthArc’s current clients already use Greenlock’s service as it was tested and implemented on existing portfolios.

For further information please contact:

WealthArc Marketing Department

GreenLock Marketing Department

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