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Wealth management

Top 5 WealthArc features that help Wealth Managers work remotely

During the recent weeks, many companies have switched to remote working scheme for the first time. It poses an operational challenge and from the employee’s point of view, the lack of access to the working environment may not be easy. Missing hardware and software tools used on an everyday basis could potentially prevent them from delivering their goals on time and without diminishing the quality of work.

Here is how WealthArc can help you and your Team to keep the performance high and focus on what really matters during those turbulent days.

Remote access to portfolios from anywhere in the world – including your home

Traditional software installed on-premise requires problematic VPN configuration and may encounter issues with network or desktops limitations. WealthArc offers a fully web-based solution that Wealth Managers can effortlessly access from their home without having to configure any additional IT environment. It also allows working from home while maintaining the highest level of performance, cyber-security, and protection from data loss.

Secure access with SMS authentication

WealthArc uses two-step authentication powered by Microsoft to protect from unauthorized access. For each session, a unique login code is sent via an SMS to the user’s authorized mobile number. Using geolocation, access to WealthArc can be restricted to selected IPs, such as your office and your employee’s home WiFi network.

Overview of total assets

To navigate the tumultuous markets, Wealth Managers need to distinguish the real signal from noise. One such key marker is the total value of assets under management in your company across all custodian banks, currencies and asset classes. WealthArc offers a range of tools to give you an overview of the current situation: from the MIS view offering a slice-and-dice functionality, to sorting all portfolios by YTD and MTD performance with one click.

Real-time access to portfolio reporting

As the situation in the markets is changing rapidly, you need an up-to-date view of your clients’ investments. To help you navigate the markets, WealthArc offers real-time access to portfolio performance analytics and reporting.

If your clients are anxious about their portfolios, put the market situation into context by using the Benchmark Comparisons, Fund Look through and Investment Guidelines.

Digital access to CRM files

One of the challenges of the remote workspace is access to sensitive documents, such as the CRM and KYC data. With WealthArc, you gain access to a fully integrated CRM solution, which allows you to keep digital copies of your client documents and notes. The sensitive data is fully isolated and can be restricted only to selected employees.

If you think that those features might be also helpful for your business, and you need to quickly move your office to remote mode, we are happy to assist! What’s more – it will only take us 48 hours to set up WealthArc for your company!

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