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Wealth management

WealthArc and Greenlock webinar. "Wealth Talks: Custody fees unraveled"

On November 3rd at 10 am Head of Sales at WealthArc, Etienne de Bejarry, and co-founder of GreenLock, Danil Knyazev, will run a webinar "Wealth Talks: custody fees unraveled". Let's meet on November 3rd at 10 am.

During the 45-minute session we will talk about:

📌Why does it make sense to analyze your client's investment fees?

📌What is the fee reduction potential for your clients?

📌How WealthArc and GreenLock work together to automate investment fee analysis?

📌How to get started to benefit from these new capabilities?

Take a chance to listen to the presentation and ask your questions during the QA session afterward.

WealthArc Wealth Talks

Etienne de Bejarry is Head of Sales at WealthArc, with broad experience in a client facing roles in finance industry. Danil Knyazev, co-founder of GreenLock had 15 experience in advanced analytics and investment. You can read more about WealthArc and GreenLock partnership in this article.

Don't hesitate and join our webinar by clicking the graphic above or this link.

Any questions? Just contact us!

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