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WealthArc Launches a Fully Automated Interface to Aquila Bank

Zurich, 10th April, WealthArc , a Swiss FinTech company, has today launched a fully automated interface to Aquila Bank in Zurich. External asset managers (EAMs) with client custody accounts at Aquila will now be able to see their portfolios with all details in the WealthArc solution.

Multi-custodian business

According to Swiss External Asset Managers Industry Report 2017 (by Credit Suisse), typical external asset manager manages client portfolios at 6 different custodian banks. In order to perform daily portfolio management or compliance tasks, wealth managers must use from 3 to 6 various eBanking systems, each with different passwords and code calculators. By embracing smart technology designed to automatically consolidate data, wealth mangers can make their lives easier and increase their productivity.

What is an API?

API stands for application protocol interface. It is a way how two IT solutions communicated with each other, for example your PMS/CRM tool with the custodian bank’s core-banking system such as Avaloq, Finnova or Olympics. WealthArc is already connected to 35 custodian banks via fully automated APIs, which means that all data exchange and cyber-security authentications are done by computer programs, without any human involvement in the process.

Development of API to Aquila Bank was interesting and rewarding project. We appreciated the support from the bank and good communication with Aquila Bank’s technical team. The API documentation was crystal-clear, allowing us to finish API development ahead of the schedule.

said Radomir Mastalerz, CTO of WealthArc

Using tech to get the best out of your people

Modern asset management solutions are quick to set up and the web-based ones require no expensive hardware and software purchases. All-in-one solutions combine portfolio management systems, automation with CRM or digital client portals. Plus, they eliminate all those time-consuming tasks such as quarterly fees calculation or client invoicing.

WealthArc is an easy to implement all-in-one solution that automates manual processes and speeds up the daily work of professional wealth managers.

Currently, the platform consolidates clients’ assets from over 35 Swiss and international custodian banks in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Bahamas and Singapore daily via fully-automated and cyber-secured APIs.

With API to Aquila up-and-running, WealthArc is able to upload Aquila portfolios for any external asset managers in less than 48h.

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