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Wealth management

Well-suited Portfolio Management System for EAM - how to choose the best one for your company

Wealth managers face a multitude of challenges in today's rapidly evolving financial landscape. Competition is growing, with new entrants such as robo-advisors and fintech firms offering low-cost investment management solutions. Traditional financial institutions, such as banks and brokerages, are also expanding their wealth management offerings to compete with standalone wealth management firms. These institutions have significant resources, established client relationships, and brand recognition that can make them difficult competitors in the market.

To stay competitive, external wealth managers need to differentiate themselves by offering personalized, high-touch services that leverage technology to enhance the client experience. This is where a comprehensive portfolio management system like WealthArc comes in. The platform provides asset managers with the tools they need to effectively manage their clients' wealth, from data consolidation and analysis to customized reporting and risk management.

Data is the gold!

One of the most important features to look for in a portfolio management system is access to real-time data. This includes stock prices, bond yields, and other relevant financial data that can help wealth managers make informed investment decisions. WealthArc is built on the belief that data is key to successful wealth management in Switzerland and abroad.  

The platform's data consolidation and automated reconciliation features enable wealth managers to save time and effort by automating everyday processes and removing manual consolidation from their workload.

It is all about analytics - wealth management platforms as data-harvesters

Analytics and reporting are also critical components of a portfolio management system for wealth managers. Robust analytics and reporting tools provide insights into portfolio performance and investment opportunities, enabling wealth managers to make informed decisions on behalf of their clients.  

WealthArc's analytic algorithms help to monitor portfolio performance and identify areas of risk and opportunity.  Reporting tools enable generating  customized reports for clients, providing them with insights into portfolio performance and progress toward their investment goals.

In addition to monitoring portfolio performance and generating reports, analytics and reporting tools can also help wealth managers manage risk.  

Tailor made SaaS

Customizability is another important feature to consider when selecting a portfolio management software. Wealth managers need the ability to tailor the platform to suit their clients' unique investment objectives, risk tolerance, and financial goals. Every client has different needs and demands, and working between them can be overwhelming. WealthArc's tailor-made asset management SaaS solution enables wealth managers to customize the platform to meet their clients' specific needs.

Joint together - all about custodian connections

Integration with other systems, such as custodian banks, is also crucial for improving operational efficiency. WealthArc's onboarding team creates the custodian connection for users and manages the process with the relationship manager, saving time and effort for the wealth manager. The onboarding process takes 5 to 7 weeks and is fully managed by the onboarding team. You can read more about this process here.

Go big and take your wealth management SaaS with you

Scalability is an essential consideration when choosing an asset management platform. The ability to scale the system as the business grows and adapts to changing market conditions is something worth mentioning. WealthArc's cloud-based solution makes it easy to create new portfolios or asset classes, providing the flexibility and scalability that wealth managers need to effectively manage their clients' wealth.

Overall, a portfolio management system that is flexible, efficient, and effective at providing insights into portfolio performance is essential for wealth managers to stay competitive in today's market.  

WealthArc's data-driven platform was developed by founders with a financial background who believed that wealth management deserved a modern, digital, and automated wealth management tool.

The platform's intuitive, user-friendly format facilitates analysis and saves time and effort, enabling wealth managers to focus on what they do best – managing their clients' wealth.

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