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Time eaters vs time savers: how WealthArc saved 1144 days for our clients in 2022

In the fast-paced world of wealth management, accurate and reliable data support investment decisions, nurturing client relationships and compliance processes. Data management is tedious and time-consuming, but WealthArc's innovative algorithms and team of experts are here to help!

Do not get time-drained!

Gathering, consolidating, reconciliating, and analyzing data can be an enormous drain on wealth managers' time. At WealthArc, we understand this challenge. We have developed more than a hundred connections with custodians and unique algorithms automating data processing!  

Our algorithm handles data reconciliation, saving valuable hours. Our skilled data team steps in to manually resolve any data issues which require human intervention, so you can focus on more important tasks.

Time-Saving Results: get rid of those time eaters!

WealthArc's comprehensive solution brings unparalleled time savings and drives productivity. In 2022 alone, WealthArc saved wealth managers an astounding 1144 days of work time! This precious time could have been spent on strategic initiatives, client interactions, or personal growth.  

Download the report “Time-saving power of automation” to understand how we did it. Fill in the form and the copy will fly straight to your mailbox!

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