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WealthArc Wins the First Client in Lugano

Lugano, 21st October, WealthArc, the leading Swiss FinTech company, announced today that it won the first customer in the Italian-speaking canton of Ticino. Amgest, an independent asset manager based in Lugano, selected WealthArc as its main wealth management solution to prepare for the future growth of its business.

WealthArc is a user-friendly and intuitive solution with all client and portfolios information at your fingertip. It allows us to swiftly compare client investments with model portfolios and instantly rebalance across all custodian banks, says Massimo Vecchio, President of Amgest SA

Amgest will be using WealthArc in Software as a Service (SaaS) model, which means the application does not require any installation but works over the Internet. Before choosing WealthArc, Amgest tested the solution in a trail pilot with one of their custodian banks. As a part of the implantation, WealthArc will develop automated data feeds (APIs) to major custodian banks in Ticino.

We are exciting to start working with Amgest. We hope that our cooperation will give WealthArc more exposure in the Ticino region and convince local EAM ecosystem that the right technology can make their work easier and more efficient,  says Chris Gogol, Founder and CEO of WealthArc

About Amgest

Founded in 2006, Amgest is an independent asset management firm based in Lugano, Switzerland, providing long-term portfolio management solutions and first-class advisory services to high net-worth individuals and institutions.

Personal contact and a close relationship based on trust constitute the basis of our service model. Thus, our unique global perspective means that we can offer solutions which take into account the international nature of global financial products, including the more sophisticated choices unavailable in many countries as well as standard or purely domestic solutions in certain jurisdictions. For such a mandate, discretion, confidence, experience, vision and an eye to the future are essential. Amgest Sa provides a choice of portfolio management services across multiple asset classes to high net worth individuals and institutions.

About WealthArc

WealthArc is an easy to implement all-in-one portfolio management solution that automates manual processes and speeds up daily work of professional wealth managers. The FinTech platform automatically consolidates portfolios from custodian banks and gives relationship managers back the time needed to grow the business and attract new, HNW clients.

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