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WealthArc Recognizes Top 50 External Asset Managers Again

We are proud to announce that this year, we are supporting the Top 50 Independent Asset Managers contest organized by CityWire. It is the second time that we sponsor the award that gives recognition to the wealth managers that are truly committed to their work and generate excellent results for their clients.

CityWire’s Top 50 contest rewards the largest EAMs across Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Altogether, they manage CHF 154.07 billion assets. These are the biggest EAMs in terms of AuM that meet the following criteria:

  • hold a Finma license or are member of a SRO recognised by Finma,
  • operate independently of banks and other financial services providers,
  • offer discretionary wealth management for private clients,
  • are free to choose external products and service providers.

It is already the second edition of the contest. In 2019, our representant handed out the award to all 50 winners during a gala held in Basel.

WealthArc Supports CityWire Top 50 Independent Asset Managers Award 2020

We are especially happy to be part of the contest as it rewards mostly EAMs from our domestic market. Switzerland, one of the world’s biggest wealth management hubs, is where WealthArc was born and where it serves most of its clients.

“We are proud to be part of the Swiss wealth management ecosystem and contribute to its digital revolution”, says Chris Gogol, Founder and CEO at WealthArc. “By sponsoring the Top 50 award, we would like to show our recognition to the most successful Swiss EAMs. We built WealthArc upon the values that are the foundation of the contest: compliance and transparency, operational excellence and customer-centricity,” adds Chris.

Asked about the future of the WM industry, the winners mention technology as the key growth factor. Apart from the rising importance of robo-advisory, the top EAMs predict automation to be a game-changer.

Technology will enable us to be more efficient in our daily work and to spend our time on tasks that are really adding value for our clients.

Kim Muller, CIO and Partner at Probus Group

The winners also say that digitization is the answer to uncertainty, the biggest challenge of financial advisory of 2020.

Flexibility and the ability to react quickly, already critical to small structures, will also be enhanced through collaborative digital tools.

William Jaccard, CIO at Penta Asset Management.

We would like to congratulate all the winners and wish them further successes in the following year!

WealthArc supports CityWire's top 50 EAMs award

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