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Take your company’s cyber-security to a new level with WealthArc

Secure access rights are crucial to cyber-security of each wealth management business. Thanks to its unique technology, WealthArc offers unlimited User and Investor accounts and gives you full control over the rights of each user.

Here is how WealthArc technology can help you to take your company’s security to a new level.

Full control over each user’s access

With WealthArc, access to each account can be tailored to your company’s compliance needs. Each user is assigned a role that allows certain views and actions (e.g. edit client or create note) as well as a set of available portfolios and clients.

For example, you can create accounts for:

  • Relationship Managers – create notes, simulate trades, and see invoices for his or her relationships, but cannot edit client or portfolio details.
  • PM Assistants – classify instrument and update investment strategies.
  • Compliance Officers – view Compliance Dashboard and approve notes in CRM.
  • Auditors – read-only access to selected portfolios and clients.
  • Investors – access only to a dedicated investor portal for a particular portfolio.
  • … and many more.

Secure access with SMS authentication

WealthArc uses two-step authentication powered by Microsoft to protect from unauthorized access. For each session, a unique login code is sent via an SMS to the user’s authorized mobile number. Using geolocation, access to WealthArc can be restricted to selected IPs, such as your office and your employee’s home WiFi network.

What is more, WealthArc integrates with Microsoft to authorize user accounts. The wealth manager can sign-in to WealthArc with the same account used for Office 365 and Outlook.

Unlimited investor accounts

Gone are the days when clients would request an update on their investments and wait patiently to receive a report through the mail. Today’s customer is used to having their needs met instantly via multi-channel technology.

With WealthArc you can give your clients access to a dedicated version of the application including My Dashboard, Positions Transactions, Strategy and Report. End Clients are always limited to a particular portfolio, although it may be a consolidated one. Your clients will appreciate being able to access their portfolio wherever they go via their mobile device in the same way that they check their bank balance.

If you think that those features might be helpful for your business and increase your cyber-security, we’re happy to assist. It will only take us 48 hours to set up WealthArc for your company!

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