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Swisspath Capital, Zürich-based multi-family office, goes for WealthArc

Zürich, 1st September, WealthArc, the leading Swiss wealth management technology company, announced that its solution was selected by the Swisspath Capital, a Switzerland-based multi-family office.

Pilot before the contract

Before entering the contract, Swisspath Capital has tested WealthArc during a pilot. It was a fruitful phase in which Swisspath Capital was able to test two API connections from the impressive collection WealthArc offers. Driven by the customer needs, WealthArc has developed a new API to a chosen custodian bank.

Thanks to our scalable engine, the whole development process of a new API connection finished in a record time of less than 1 month. Swisspath Capital supported us in this process extensively.

says Chris Gogol, WealthArc’s CEO.

Scope of services

Swisspath Capital will be using WealthArc Software as a Service (SaaS) for consolidating portfolios from a number of custodian banks, fees calculation, client invoicing, management reporting or account statement generation. What is of extreme importance, this IT solution allows integration of non-financial assets such as art, yachts or private jets, on which Swisspath Capital provides their expertise and advice. What is more HNW clients have access to personalized client portal.

Our aim was to find a Portfolio Management System provider that will allow us to smoothly automate everyday processes, add value to our clients and guarantee the highest data quality.

says Nicolas Droz, Partner at Swisspath Capital.

About Swisspath Group

We believe that generating, optimizing and preserving our clients’ wealth is an important service that contributes to the welfare of future generations. Created to provide a more personal, quality-focused service to our clients, the Swisspath Group is an independent multi-family office dedicated to assisting in every aspect of our clients business and financial affairs.

Headquartered in Zürich Switzerland, together with our Investment Management Company in the British Virgin Islands, we serve clients worldwide, combining wealth and asset management with legal, financial and tax expertise, for both bankable and non-bankable assets.

About WealthArc

WealthArc is an easy to implement all-in-one portfolio management solution that automates manual processes and speeds up daily work of professional wealth managers. The FinTech platform automatically consolidates portfolios from custodian banks and gives relationship managers back the time needed to grow the business and attract new, HNW clients.

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