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See behind the curtain - how Swiss independent asset managers invest in times of change

First the pandemic, now inflation, war and supply chain disruptions. Clearly, there is no shortage of challenges in the search for alpha...

"See behind the curtain - how Swiss independent asset managers invest in times of change" - Wealth talks by WealthArc episode 2.

We will present investment insights from the WealthArc platform (>15bn assets) and reveal how Swiss independent asset managers have adapted their investment strategies in the past 12 months. Based on these investment insights, together with two special guest speakers, we will discuss the investment outlook for Swiss independent asset managers.

  • Which asset classes and currencies are safest in the short-term?
  • Which sectors and regions are most promising in the mid-term?

Guest speakers:

Xavier Roesle

Chief Investment Officer, RJ Management

Igor Sosinov,

Investment Director, GWM AG

Wednesday, 22nd June, 2022


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Here are some of the key findings as basis of our discussion:

• High allocation on equities & fund, representing 50% of the positions. Fixed income in strong decline.

• Funds, ETF & Structured Products face significant decline since February 2022.

• Cash is King? Liquidity is being increased since February 2022.

• Exposure to European investments has steadily declined in the past 12 months.

• 40% of investments are denominated in USD. EUR and CHF each cover 25% of all positions.

• Healthcare & Financials together make up 35% of equity positions. However, Healthcare is facing significant decline since early 2022.

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