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Save up to 40 hours per quarter by invoicing with WealthArc

The wealth management clients always expect the highest level of service – also when it comes to timely delivery of an invoice, and a transparent fee calculation. However, for the wealth managers invoicing clients across multiple custodians, usually in various currencies, and with client-specific terms can easily become an operational challenge.

To solve this problem, we developed the Fees and Invoicing module that automates the invoicing process and reducing it to just 3 clicks. Thanks to our fully automated custodian data consolidation, CRM system, and invoicing tool, the client invoicing has never been easier.

Automated invoicing

Thanks to our automation technology, it takes exactly 3 clicks to calculate fees and generate invoices for all your clients in WealthArc. They are white-labeled, available in PDF, Word or Excel and automatically archived. What is more, invoices are generated in your client’s preferred language and currency.

The fee calculation for each client reflects their specific conditions, such as fee and VAT rate, minimal management fee, performance fee high-water marks, and even excluded positions.

Automated archiving and debiting

Once the quarter is complete, you can easily close the invoicing period to prevent any future changes to the calculated fees and invoice numbers.

The next step is to debit the fees from the client accounts into the company accounts. With WealthArc, within 1 click you can generate a Credit/Debit template that highlights the specific client’s bank accounts and your accounts in the chosen currency and bank. The report lists all the portfolios with fees in each bank together with Credit & Debit sections and sub-totals for each currency.

Automated retrocessions, agent fees, and fees analysis

On top of the above, WealthArc handles for you the retrocessions for funds, agent fees, and business analysis of fees – the list goes on.

To learn more about these functionalities, reach out to our team below – it will only take us 48 hours to set up WealthArc for your company!

Since nothing is more valuable to your clients than their time, they will appreciate how much faster you can respond to their inquiries when you use WealthArc to automate your workflow.

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