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Portfolio Management System Implementation – The Client’s Perspective

At WealthArc we have a privilege to work with leading Wealth Management companies, which are not afraid to make bold decision in order to grow their business and satisfy their Clients. Amgest is definitely one of them and we had a chance to interview their CEO – Massimo Vecchio regarding the Portfolio Management System implementation.

Please tell us briefly about Amgest and your role there?

Amgest is an independent asset manager founded in 2006 with a specific focus on entrepreneur’s clients. Our customers are typically Swiss, Italian, Russian, English.  I am the Founding Partner and the President.

What is your unique approach towards your clients?

Our speciality is the asset management of the entrepreneurial families. Therefore, we must balance the specific risk of their company/sector and the high inheritance as well as the succession complexities.

In your opinion, how is technology influencing Wealth Management space and relation with HNWI?

It is clear for us, that the technology is more and more important in building the relationship with the Clients. I expect this trend to become even stronger in the upcoming years. In this digital era, Clients are constantly online with full and immediate access to the information and thus, they expect seamless communication via modern channels as well as precise and real-time information. We need to be ready to answer those needs if we want to stay competitive.

What were the key issues you were looking to solve by using the Portfolio Management System?

We were looking to improve in three main business areas:

  1. Industrialization of the management process
  2. Risk management and therefore compliance with the regulatory aspects
  3. Support for administrative and accounting management as well as budgeting.
What were your doubts or concerns before and during the new technology implementation?

We had doubts concerning the size of the business and our organizational structure. It was clear for us that from a certain level of Asset Under Management and customers onward, a professional management system is indispensable. At the same time, it was an organizational change, that required our team to adjust. After several months of using the platform, I have the feeling that it was worth the initial effort. From my experience, the more we use the platform, the more time we actually save on the daily activities

What has changed after implementing Portfolio Management System?

With the implementation of PMS, we achieved three goals. First, we have a structured and clear guideline for the portfolio management process. Second, we now have fundamental support in the administrative and accounting parts like recessions, contributor fees or budgets.  Finally, the portfolio overview is practical, effective, and intuitive, as well as very useful. It allows us to save time on data consolidation and focus our energy on growing the business.

What made you team up with WealthArc as the Portfolio Management System provider?

When I started the analysis of the PMS there were a lot of alternatives. Each of them had some advantage over the others what make the choice very difficult. In the end, I preferred WealthArc because the application seemed to be much more user friendly than the others. The young and enterprising Team gave me confidence in the possibility of making customizations and continue the development of the platform. Now after several months of use, I can confirm the quality of that choice.

Which modules of WealthArc PMS you consider as the most useful?

The modules that are the most important and useful for me personally, are the Dashboard, Management Information System, and the Fees. I use them very often and consider inevitable in my daily routine.

What are the next steps for your business digitalization?

We would like to take another step towards increasing the digitalization of our relationship with the Clients. It would be great to have an App where we could share with Clients all the information related to their portfolios and where we could also communicate fully remotely with them.

Thank you for the interview!

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