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New Features & API Connections Release – September 2019

September was a busy month but it is always good to look back and see the progress that we have made! Have a look at the latest developments at WealthArc and see what we have managed to achieve in the last 4 weeks.

Rebalancing to Model Portfolio (Beta users)

With WealthArc, you can rebalance a client portfolio with just a couple of clicks.

Open the Gap Analysis view and choose a previously prepared Model Portfolio, then click on Rebalance. WealthArc will automatically generate the trades to align the client portfolio with the model portfolio.

This feature is also available for Prospect clients. In a few clicks, you can generate an Investment Proposal and list of Trades to propose investments based on a model portfolio.

Trade Target choice: Value, Quantity or Allocation (Beta users)

In the Buy/Sell Trading module, WealthArc supports flexible target choice:

1) Target Allocation, such as 1% of the portfolio,

2) Target Quantity, such as 100 shares or 10,000 nominal, or

3) Target Value, such as 10’000 CHF.

Manual Portfolios

You can easily Duplicate or Cancel a transaction for Manual Portfolio to speed-up the process.

New APIs to Reyl Bank and St. Galler Kantonalbank (SGKB)

What’s Coming Next?

  • Manual Portfolios – Options Transactions and Quick transactions, such as new Dividend for an Equities position, or a new Coupon for a Fixed Income.
  • MiFIR Transaction Reporting – new module to report transaction to the FMA Liechtenstein authority

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