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New Features & API Connections Release – August 2019

Have a look at the summary of new features released in WealthArc in August 2019. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Pre-Trading (Beta users only)

We added Buy/Sell buttons in Positions table allowing to sell all positions (e.g. of Nestle) in all portfolios and generate trade order report for custodian banks.  

Just type in the ISIN number or the name of the instrument in the search bar to activate Buy/Sell button.  

Gap Analysis View to Compare Client Portfolios with Model Portfolios (Beta users only)

To be released: Automatic Rebalancing from model portfolios and trading via amount/quantity

Manual Portfolios

Right now you can simulate FX Spot and FX Forward transactions for portfolios where the custodian data feed is not available.

WealthArc can simulate the FX Forward in line with the best industry standards, showing the correct exposure of both Forward legs, and automatically closing the Forward on the Delivery Date.

Also, Sector, Region and Industry in Positions and Portfolio Positions tables are aligned with GIPS standard

New APIs to Deltec Bank in Bahamas

Other News:

    • Cyrillic support – as we’re expanding our language base we now offer cyrillic support.  
    • Autofill for Buy/Sell/Subscription/Redemption manual transactions improvement

    What’s Coming Next?

      • Initiating Bulk trades by quantity or value
      • Rebalancing to model portfolio

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