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New Features and APIs Release – April 2020

In April our Product Team delivered further improvements in the areas of e-documents, portfolio management, compliance and trading. We’ve also opened new APIs to the custodian banks, achieving 40 active data feeds! Below you can find detailed information about all the recent updates!  


WealthArc is currently providing e-documents support for UBS, Pictet, Julius Bär and Vontobel. All documents are fully automatically linked to the corresponding client portfolio and for UBS transaction recipes – to the corresponding transaction!

We continue to further develop our recently released e-Documents module. With the latest WealthArc update, you can now manually upload documents from banks that currently do not support the automatic transfer of such files. This option is available in All e-Documents and Portfolio e-Documents section. What is more, you can also modify/delete manually uploaded documents.

More banks will be available soon!

Global Portfolio Search

A small yet important improvement has been introduced to the global portfolio search in WealthArc. You can now easily search by your portfolio name, short name, custodian identifier or custodian bank name.


Portfolio Orders

We are working on improving the way we display portfolio transactions in WealthArc. As a part of that, you will be able to see transactions grouped into orders with all the relevant details regarding applied fees and taxes on a given order. The view will allow you to see the main transaction with the option to expand in case you want to see all corresponding cash transaction details. Currently, the transaction grouping works for 4 types of transactions: Buy/Sell/Subscription/Redemption

Compliance Dashboard

After the previous release of the new section with AML transactions, we continue to develop Compliance related features. Today we introduce the first version of the Compliance Dashboard. From now on you can easily check the list of portfolios without assigned clients. From the same page, you can also assign a client to a portfolio.

The new Compliance Dashboard is a part of the Compliance section in WealthArc and is accessible only for users with the Compliance Officer role.

New Trade Ticket

As a part of a major trading overhaul, we are introducing a new Trade Ticket. You can now choose to set orders manually, determining Side and Quantity. We have also added Order Types: Limit, Stop and Stop Limit together with necessary price fields. Lastly, the choice of Time in Force options was introduced to the ticket. All extensions are also available in PDF exports.

To improve portfolio management, we have added Investment Groups. You can now apply and filter portfolios by them, making the selection for trading much easier.

Trading Order Summary

We added a completely new view, allowing to manage orders before sending them to the custodian. You can review order parameters, add new entries, remove existing ones and generate trade tickets.


Series of new APIs to custodian banks has been launched – Northern Trust, ISP, JP Morgan NY and JP Morgan Swiss – exceeding 40 fully automated data feeds.

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