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New Features and API Connections Release – February 2020

Each month, we are working hard to deliver an even better experience to our users and provide the best possible solution covering their needs. February was no different – a lot of useful new features has been just released. Take a look at the latest developments at WealthArc and see what we have managed to deliver during the last month!

E-documents from Custodians

Automatic download of documents from your Custodian Bank into WealthArc

We have implemented a new mechanism to display e-Documents received from custodians. Thanks to that, the users do not have to log in to e-banking to find and download relevant documents.

Transaction Receipts linked with transactions

Currently, users will be able to find transactions with corresponding electronic documents attached to it (column E-Documents). Currently, we are displaying those documents attached to transactions.

Portfolio view (Main Menu -> Portfolios -> portfolio from the list -> Transactions)

Over 800 types of portfolio reports

There is also an option to see full storage of all e-Documents for a given portfolio and globally across all portfolios and banks that provide such documents.


Currently, this feature is available for UBS. E-documents from Julius Baer and Pictet are under development.

To start receiving those files, please let us know. We will contact your Custodian Bank to turn the file transfer on.

CRM and Compliance

Adding and previewing AML notes on Manager Dashboard

Users can now add or preview notes related to AML transactions directly from the Manager Dashboard (‘New AML Transactions’ section).

Approving AML notes by Compliance Officer

We’ve added a new ‘Compliance Officer’ role in WealthArc. To make a transaction disappear from the ‘New AML Transactions’ list the ‘Compliance Officer’ must approve note that relates to the transaction. In addition, the approved note can no longer be altered. If you are interested in the ‘Compliance Officer’ role, please contact us.

New contact type: Corporate

From now on, users can not only add individual contact to a client but also corporate contacts.

The new way for adding a new contact to a client

Now users can easily add a new contact to a client directly from the Contacts table. With this method, users can also add one contact to multiple clients at the same time.


Users can now generate Account Statements and One-Pagers without TWR Gross or Fees & Taxes. To choose this option, open Reports view, click on Download button, and un-select Include TWR Gross. It can be set as the default report setting when clicking on the report icons in portfolio top bar.

API Development

New Bank API connections opened in February:

  • Luzerner Kantonalbank (improvements)
  • Edmond De Rothschild
  • Banca Del Sempione
  • BCV

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