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Three simple steps for the model portfolio rebalancing

Aligning portfolios to model strategy is a complex and time-consuming process.  While trading, it may lead to costly mistakes that we would all prefer to avoid. WealthArc introduced a comprehensive set of tools for creating model strategies, executing trading, and fully automating the process of rebalancing. Thanks to this solution you can be now sure about the correctness and robustness of your trading-related data/operations.

Model portfolio

WealthArc allows the creation of fully customizable model portfolios – they can contain any type of instruments and transactions. Once the set-up is done, the valuation is being calculated automatically, reducing the need for everyday manual input and thus traditionally possible mistakes. What is more, historical performance simulation is available as well, so you no longer need to mind about historical data.

Rebalancing Orders Calculation

Anyone who has ever calculated trading orders to rebalance a portfolio knows that it can be a troublesome and time-consuming task. It requires manual analysis and verification of tens of the constraints and various parameters.  At WealthArc we believe if something can be automated, it should be automated. That is why also this part is done completely automatically for you, based on the initial portfolio setup. No manual work required at all!

Generate PDF files or execute via FIX

Some of you may doubt if automatization must result in the loss of control. Not necessarily. Clear and comprehensive order management tools provided in WealthArc allows you to fully customize generated orders, which can cater to different client restrictions and guidelines.

Additionally, the pre-trade checks take out the responsibility of manually checking for enough liquidity or compliance breaches and thanks to that minimizing the risk of overdrafts and compliance breaches.

Wealtharc automates all the necessary calculations and validations related to rebalancing and trading, so the user can focus on developing the best investment strategy without worrying about sending wrong trades.

We continue to optimize this process even further with FIX direct trading coming very soon, which will reduce the time from investment idea to execution from hours to seconds.

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