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Interview with Silvia Marques, COO at RJ Management

Across all functions, WealthArc saves us around 140,000 CHF a year.

Silvia Marques, COO at RJ Management SA

Our customers are our greatest asset. Their opinion is extremely important to us and it directly influences the development of our product development roadmap. We invite you to read a short interview with Silvia Marques, COO at RJ Management SA, conducted during a webinar hosted by us for members of VAV-ASG – the largest Swiss organization of External Asset Managers.

Silvia Marques has 28 years of experience in banking and finance. She worked for several banks in Geneva in different departments: legal, wealth management, front office, operations and organization, before joining RJ Management in 2012.

RJ Management is a wealth management company dedicated to serve clients in a qualified and proactive way. Their proximity to the financial markets allows them to offer advice using a fully customized and professional approach. Working in an agile and pragmatic way, the company ensures both wealth preservation and growth.


RJ Management uses WealthArc since 2017.


Etienne: What are the 2-3most crucial processes to support the operations of a Wealth Manager? 

Silvia: First and foremost, it is the daily analysis of the accounts under our management. Every banker must verify asset allocation, currency allocation, possible overdraft on the accounts, and filter any possible money laundering transactions. Based on this information, the banker needs to be able to act very quickly. The second process is managing the investments themselves, being able to establish grouped orders for different clients independently of the bank they work with as well as rebalancing portfolios in a quick and efficient manner. The third process is the contact with clients, sharing with them all the important information in relation to their portfolios in an easy-to-grasp manner. We show them both past and present results and record each contact, so that our report can both serve as a source for a follow up contact and document our relation with a particular client.

E: How does WealthArc help you manage those processes effectively?

S: Without WealthArc we would need to have access to several very different banking systems. Logging into each one of them is time-consuming and we wanted to get rid of that. Also, it was essential for us to have a global view of our customer base, products on the accounts, investment policies, and any other relevant information permitting to have regular contact with the client. WealthArc has provided us with a platform where all this data is interlinked and consolidated, so we are able to work in a comprehensive and more aligned manner for every single customer, regardless of where their assets are held.

E: How do you assess the overall ROI of a solution such as ours?

S: Our employees who are managers, bankers, assistants, the compliance team and myself – are using WealthArc to a different degree, depending on the role in the company. We definitely  have much less manual work and much less paperwork. Being digitized allows us to streamline processes and have more control over what we do. Implementing WealthArc has clearly saved us a lot of time and money. To give you an example: before the invoicing and reporting had been outsourced and took a full three weeks to complete. Now, with WealthArc we do it in-house in only four days! And this is just one of the areas where WealthArc is making our work easier. Across all functions, your solution saves us around 140,000 CHF a year.

E: And how WealthArc is helping you to comply with Fidleg / Finig

S: It is crucial for an independent asset manager to comply with any regulations and standards but implementing them into an organization such as ours always takes time and effort. Thanks to the fact that WealthArc is being constantly developed and integrates new regulations and changes on an ongoing basis, we can enjoy peace of mind and carry on with our normal work.

Also, your solution comes with a plethora of features, some of which are about to be made available:

- full information on clients with digitized documentation,

- client segmentation,

- opt-in and opt-out management,

- adding documents for investments,

- creating own client investment questionnaire with added methodology for risk calculation,

- options for checking suitability and appropriateness,

- setting up alerts,

- pre-trade checks,

- recording transaction reports,

- as well as audit log for all actions performed in the system.

This makes WealthArc a great time- and effort-saver that allows us to offer our clients more efficient and truly data-based services.

E: Thank you very much for your feedback, Silvia, and for sharing your experiences with us. We’re looking forward to continuing our fruitful cooperation.

S: You’re welcome, it was pleasure!

To watch the full recording of the webinar, click below:

This interview was conducted on February 23, 2022, thanks to VSV-ASG, by Etienne de Bejarry. Etienne helps WealthArc clients to have access to consolidated data anywhere and at any time. Interested in it? Contact Us!

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