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E. de Bejarry for "Focus Finance 2022": Our mission is to support

In latest issue of "Focus Finance 2022" Head of Sales in WealthArc, Etienne de Bejarry, talked to Andrea Tarantini about wealth management in AD 2022. He mentioned not only the origins of WealthArc platform in 2015, but also explained, why automation and quality data in all-in-one platform are the future od wealth management.

Etienne de Bejarry: "The changes that impact Wealth Management (...) are numerous and the risk here is particularly complex. This year professionals must comply with the latest FINMA regulations (...). Wealth managers should therefore not only adapt to market trends that are increasingly uncertain due to current events worldwide, but also to face an increase regulatory pressure. So the time has come for these professionals to find leverage for growth and efficiency (...).

You can read the article in French here, on page 13

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