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Eleutheria Wealth Launches Digital Transformation with WealthArc

Lugano, 4th November, WealthArc, a Swiss provider of an all-in-one automated Portfolio Management System for wealth managers, is proud to announce that it has been selected to provide its digital services to Eleutheria Wealth, a provider of asset management and Family Office services operating in Lugano and Chiasso.

Wealth Management Goes Digital

Eleutheria Wealth was founded by a group of professionals with 20 years of experience gained in large international banks. Its asset management philosophy is based on two pillars: sustainability, translating into a strong preference for ESG investments, and the human factor, with empathy and passion as the driving forces. Beyond their commercial activity, its founders also run Eleutheria Foundation redistributing wealth through social and ethical projects.

By establishing collaboration with WealthArc, Eleutheria Wealth is taking the first step on its path to digital transformation. WealthArc’s Portfolio Management System will help the company operate more efficiently by reducing tedious manual tasks to the minimum. Its robust API engine automatically consolidates data from diverse custodian banks and brings them to one platform in a unified form. Thanks to that, Eleutheria Wealth’s advisers not only have quick access to all their client data but can also generate comprehensive reports with a few clicks.

Eleutheria Wealth is another company using WealhArc based in Lugano, Ticino. We are already speaking with other External Wealth Managers from the region as we see huge potential in it.

Chris Gogol, Co-Founder and CEO of WealthArc

Ticino is yet another Swiss region in which WealthArc is expanding its operations. In October, the company opened its third office located in Geneva, a city where it already collaborates with a number of recognized companies. The other two branches are located in Zurich, the main city of WealthArc’s operations, and Warsaw, Poland, where the R&D team works.

About WealthArc

WealthArc is a wealth management data company. Offered in the SaaS model, the WealthArc platform automates portfolio consolidation from various custodian banks and trading as well as a PMS, CRM, DMS, compliance, HNW digital client portals and more. The company employees over 40 professionals in Zurich, Geneva and Warsaw and provides its platform to wealth management professionals in Switzerland, Europe, Asia and the US.

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