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2020 at WealthArc: Business Review

As 2020 is slowly coming to an end, it’s a perfect time to look back and summarize what we achieved this year. Despite the challenging COVID-19 situation, it’s been an exciting time for WealthArc and its clients. We significantly grew our business and introduced several major enhancements to our PMS.

In this blog post, I’ll summarize our commercial milestones in Switzerland and beyond. For the summary of our product updates, take a look at this post.

Stronger Swiss Presence

This year, we significantly enhanced our presence in Switzerland, our domestic market. We opened a new office in Geneva, which is already our 3rd location after Zurich (headquarters) and Warsaw (R&D centre).  

The opening was followed by hiring experienced Sales Managers dedicated for the region. Etienne de Bajarry and Frank Labrousse are already fully responsible for our sales operations in Geneva.

Etienne de Bejarry and Frank Labrousse in the Geneva office

Community Initiatives

In 2020, we started a number of projects addressed to the EAMs community. We released an industry report on the impact of COVID-19 on EAM operations. It was based on expert interviews conducted among our clients and prospects. You can download it for free here.

Also, we launched a new series of meetings for professional wealth managers. The first Wealth Talks featuring experts from Microsoft, Refinitiv and Swisscom as well as well-known EAMs were held in Zurich and Geneva.  

Later on, due to the pandemic, we moved to the online. We held webinars and online panel discussions for professionals from the entire Europe, which helped us increase our reach. Altogether, we organized over 30 online events and gathered 350+ unique participants, partners and potential clients.

The November Edition of WealthTalks featuring Alberto Velasco, Valentin Ade and Jiten Varu

2021 Outlook

After a successful 2020, we’re looking at the upcoming year with optimism. We’re planning to continue growing our team, also in terms of managerial positions.

Moreover, we’d like to continue our expansion (with advanced sales talks taking place now) and increase our offering for indirect sales channels.

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