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2020 Is Already Here! Let’s See How WealthArc Evolved in 2019

2019 was a truly great year for us and our Clients! We took the WealthArc platform to the next level by developing a lot of new features and extending existing modules. Have a look at the most important ones down here.


This year we upgraded our pre-trading module allowing you to perform Buy/Sell actions on All Positions and created the ‘Gap Analysis’ view.

We Added 15 New Data Feeds to Custodian Banks!

  1. Societe Generale
  2. Sberbank
  3. Santander
  4. EFG
  5. HSBC
  6. Deltec
  7. Reyl
  8. Julius Baer Guernsey
  9. Julius Baer Bahamas
  10. Aquila Bank
  11. CFM Indosuez
  12. Bordier
  13. Neue Bank
  14. Mirabaud
  15. BNP Paribas Switzerland


WealthArc helps wealth managers to save time on compliance and stay up-to-date with the latest regulations.

Liechtenstein-based clients can now use WealthArc to report transactions to FMA as required by the MiFIR regulation. WealthArc automates the reporting checks to make the process as smooth and quick as possible.

All users can browse through all transactions and check their status in the new “MiFIR” view available in the Back Office Menu.

What’s more, it is also possible to submit selected transactions to FMA, in this status the transactions await for a reply from FMA, then they change the status to either accepted or rejected. If the transaction is marked as Rejected then the User can edit and resubmit it.

The new view supports inline and bulk edit with undo, and user perspectives.

New WealthArc Data Engine

To serve an even better quality of data, WealthArc has released a new ETL data engine that is faster, more reliable and supports scaling. New and improved metrics support custodian data quality checks and improvement processes.

The API Engine is a special layer in WA architecture responsible for analyzing and transforming the data WA receives from Custodian Banks.

Data transformation is to unify the format of portfolio data and detect issues like missing or incorrect values.

We recently introduced changes in this module that resulted in:

  • Data availability – the data is available in the system within 5 minutes (~1h before) after WA receives it from Custodian Bank – achieved by parallel data processing.
  • Increased reliability and quality by the implementation of new automatic data metrics and checks.
  • Possibility to scale – now our new architecture allows us to set up unlimited number connection with data feed to Custodian Banks (~250 was our limit before, currently we support over 250 connections).
  • Quicker onboarding of new connections.

Cyber Security

As cyber security is amongst our top priorities we took our time to IP restrictions – User can define a whitelist of IP addresses client that will be allowed to access the application. This feature will be used for example to prevent cross-boarder trading.

Retrocessions for Funds

New fees module that allows not only to calculate management and performance fees but now also calculates retrocessions for funds held at different custodian banks. On top of it, we added the automatic generation of customized invoicing for clients and fees reports for custodians!

Manual Portfolios

Right now you can simulate FX Spot and FX Forward transactions for portfolios where the custodian data feed is not available.

WealthArc can simulate the FX Forward in line with the best industry standards, showing the correct exposure of both Forward legs, and automatically closing the Forward on the Delivery Date.

You can easily Duplicate or Cancel a transaction for Manual Portfolio to speed-up the process!

As you can see 2019 was a really productive year for us but we are sure that 2020 will bring nothing but progress and even more useful features for our clients! Stay tuned!

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