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Radomir Mastalerz

Radomir Mastalerz


Radomir is a software engineer by trade, and a problem-solver by passion. After identifying a severe technology gap in the wealth management sector, he set out to provide an easy and accessible solution that embraced cutting-edge technology.

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Etienne de Bejarry

Etienne de Bejarry

Head of Sales

Armed with over 10 years experience in client facing roles mainly within the technology consulting industy, Etienne leads the sales strategy at WealthArc. Within the past years, Etienne has developped a sharp understanding of the Wealth Management craft and its key challenges. Etienne partners everyday with Wealth Managers to help them save time and drive effectiveness.

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Aleksandra Gepert

Aleksandra Gepert

Head of Customer Success and Delivery

Aleksandra leads Engineering, Customer Success and Onboarding at WealthArc.

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Nikita Yampolski

Nikita Yampolski

Head of Product

Nikita is a certified mentor, a software engineer, converted into a product professional with over 20 years of experience, building complex products in various industries, lately in Commodities and FinTech. Before joining WealthArc, Nikita worked at Open Mineral, which was incubated at Thomson Reuters Labs together with WealthArc in Switzerland back in 2017. Nikita holds MSc of Computer Science and has founded himself or joined startups since 2012. He is also an active member of several Swiss startup associations.

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Rafał Kowalczyk

Rafał Kowalczyk

Head of Data

After providing end-to-end Business Intelligence solutions for e-commerce and FMCG companies Rafał paved his way into finance industry. Starting as a software engineer he found his passion in analytics and become an expert in data processing area. With his eye for details he heads the team into providing outstanding data quality using most effective tools and methods available on the market.

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One team, one community.

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Our team is growing

We’re looking for ambitious talent to join us as we empower wealth managers through intelligent product development.

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Our values

We act with honesty and adhere to the highest moral and ethical standards. Our actions always reflect our words, and vice-versa. We always do the right thing and trust one another.


We are transparent internally among our employees, and externally with our customers and partners. We communicate openly about our successes and failures.


We honor commitments to our customers and to one another. We take ownership and responsibility to accomplish our work, on-time, with the  highest quality.


We work together as a company towards the same goals.

Continuous Learning

We are determined to learn every day to become better as individuals and to grow as a company.


We respect each individual and provide an inclusive environment where we not only accept diversity — we celebrate it and we support it.

WealthArc Team

We’re building a wealth management world that meets the needs of our clients.

Join us in the journey.

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