Keep calm and digitalize your compliance - webinarKeep calm and digitalize your compliance - webinar

Keep calm and digitalize your compliance - webinar

April 13, 2022
Wealth management
“Keep calm and digitalize your compliance”

Is this quote from her Majesty the Queen? Probably not. The author remains unknown. But the point is clear.

The Swiss wealth management industry is facing rising cost due to new regulation. These costs can’t be pushed to clients, as fees are already under pressure. So how can Swiss wealth managers keep compliance cost down and improve efficiency at the same time?  

You’ll find answers in Wealth Talks by WealthArc, our new webinar series!

In the first episode we will be covering how wealth managers can digitalize compliance workflows. From the onboarding, to the investment management process and customer life cycle management.  

Our special guest will share his experience and provide practical implementations of daily AML and FIDLEG/FINIG processes.

Guest speaker:

Sebastian Ochalek  

Head Legal, Risk & Compliance, Partner

at Clarus Capital Group AG


27th April, 2022


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Looking forward to having you with us!

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